Reasons why i would wear headband wigs:

1.Human hair Headband wig is just the type of speed you can switch hairdo in 2mins without going to Salon or installing a lace front wig. 2.Anyone can wear it, Especially for friendly new wig beginners. It is just you slide on the wig and go. 3.Bobby pins and clips on headband wig can secure wig firmly, save you more coins which you could have paid for Glue or Salon or hairdressers if compared to installing a lace front wig. 4.Headband wig is Cheaper, Non lace, no glue full machine made wigs,velcro straps make sure your wig size adjust to one size for all. 5.throwing it on head & go in seconds makes headband wig a lifesaver on busy days, fitness days, and unexpected meetings. 6.Various design-colored Bands and scarf are perfect options to make sure you can never go wrong with headband wigs